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 Buff up your concept, business plan, financials, brand, sales & marketing

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Everything you need to create a disciplined lean startup and high-performance business

Unlock Your Potential

Perfect your business concept with Design-Thinking & Lean Startup tools.

Buff Your Brand

Craft a brand story that incites customers to carry you to shoulder-perched victory.

Drive Success

Templates include Business Plan, Financials and Investor, Sales & Marketing Pitches

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Unique Biz-Buffing Features

Lean Startup made faster. Design-Thinking made easier. Business Model Canvas made stronger.


Business Concept Map

Shape your basic business concept with StoryTree Mind-Map


Business Plan Writer

An easy “sound-bite” Business Plan Writer for Lean Startup evolution.


Financial Modeler

A 5-year Financial Modeling System to create investor-ready projections.


Multi-User Collaboration

Engage your entire team to perfect & pivot your business strategy.


Tips & Examples

Think bigger and better with built-in tips & examples.


Linked Templates

BizGym Templates share content so all grow at once.


Mobile Friendly

Use any computing device to access your projects.

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Business Strategy Templates

BizGym’s Lean Startup & Design-Thinking templates share data so all grow at once!

StoryTree® Mind-Map

StoryTree is our version of the popular Business Model Canvas, a business strategy Design-Thinking template.

Business Plan Writer

A fast & nimble sound-bite approach that supports Lean Startup yet delivers an investor-ready business plan.

Financial Modeler

A super-easy financial modeler anyone can use to create 5-year Income Statement, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet.

Leadership Templates

Effective leadership templates including Mission/Vision, Tombstone Test & Goals Pyramid.

Sales Pitch Scripts

Sales pitch scripts including Elevator Pitch, Investor Deck, Podium Deck & Company Data Sheet.

Marketing Templates

Branding and marketing development templates including Identity Brief, Business Card, Stationery, Brochure & Store Plan.

PLUS Tips & Examples

Built-in Popups Where You Need Them

Also includes Reports, Share, Comments, Alerts, Print, Export and more!

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Ann Boots


“I’ve taught entrepreneurship for many years… this is very revolutionary!”

Bee Leng Chua

Business Professor

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