BizGym on Bytemarks CafeBizGym author Steve Sue and Iolani School entrepreneurship teacher Michelle Hastings dueled with hosts Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa yesterday on Bytemarks Cafe, the Hawaii Public Radio show on technology in Hawaii.

After 20 minutes of local news, Steve and Michelle walked Burt and Ryans’ plank for an entire 40 minutes of swash-buckling action. ARrrrrrrrr!

The show features a chest of radio treasures includes: the backstory on BizGym, business planning for students and the unveiling of the new BizGym for kids site at Steve chatted up his voyage from art/law student to the promised land of BizGym and Michelle chatted up how her students were able to spin their ideas into gold. As always, Burt and Ryan showed their prowess at driving their ship through troubled waters to emerge with all parties intact and ready for action on the next adventure.