Hey Bizzites! We’re stoked to announce that an all-new BizGym update has been launched. This effort represents a lot of pain and tool on our guys’ parts to make BizGym more useful as a collaboration platform. It’s also a lot prettier. Top-of-mind upgrades include:

NEW! Financial Modeler Upgrades

The last one was super-easy and this one is better! It’s also a lot more sophisticated on the trending end with a bevy of short-cuts to save you time in modeling complicated stuff like seasonal sales cycles for retail businesses. Good stuff retained from the last round of tweaks includes the very popular Assumptions Dashboard with Tips, Examples and Notes.

NEW! Community Forum

We now have a really awesome Forum in which you can get answers to your questions and carry on conversations on business topics. The Forum is also a convenient way to file bug tickets so we can make sure the system is operating as you need it to.

NEW! BizGenics® Taxonomy Dashboard

For those of you who don’t like any stone unturned, we’ve made our backend data model transparent so that you may do every inch of your business profile in one place. This option is not required, but for some, apparently it makes for a better night’s sleep… for others, it’s ZZZZZZzzzzzz.

NEW! Marketplace

We’ve also added a Marketplace to make room for future tools to the BizGym suite. If you have a hankering for a specific tool that might leverage BizGenics® Technology well, Contact Us!

Sure there’s much, much more in the way of fancy features, but I’m sure you’ll find all the easter eggs as you rack through the system.

Get Strong! Win Biz!

BizGym 2.0 LIVES!