This year, Startup Weekend is adding a vertical theme of, “solve a local problem with a sustainable business plan.” A Business Plan!!!???!! Really? Awesome! Now they’re preaching to the choir as BizGym has been hard at work trying to deliver a new take on fast-pivot meets reasonable amount of planning. Thus, we’re excited to support the 6th Annual HNL Startup Weekend Nov 14-16, 2014 by donating free 3-month Startup memberships to all HNL Startup Weekend participants (retail value $29.97).

If you dunno what Startup Weekend is, see this vid:

Startup Weekend is all about passion. Business IS passion. And BizGym is aiming to overcome the idea of “not planning is planning to fail” without bleeding the life out of the entrepreneurial process. We think there’s a valid middle ground between winging it and deep planning so have created a process that’s easy, fast, collaborative and even fun ~ we call it Pivot Planning, which is a Twitterized approach to crafting key soundbites that define all the essential themes of a full and rich business vision. The result is an investment-ready business plan and 5-year financial forecasts that would make any traditionalist happy. All the gain for less pain.

So now there’s no excused. Get to Startup Weekend to GSD. And enjoy your free BizGym membership for 3 months following as your turn your idea into a real business. BTW, BizGym is releasing a bunch of new features in time for SWHNL, so don’t miss it!