About Us

BizGym empowers entrepreneurs to attain a positive legacy through business strategy software that extends the concepts of Lean Startup, Design-Thinking & Business Model Canvas.

Our “Secret Sauce”

BizGym is powered by BizGenics® Taxonomy, a meta-data technology that maps the genome of business. By coupling BizGenics with visual mind-map layouts, BizGym is able to offer a short-form authoring format that makes Lean Startup faster and Design-Thinking easier.

“Profit to SHARE!”

BizGym.com is a social venture dedicated to creating legacy through business. Our sister 501C3 entity, BizGym Foundation offers BizGym.com scholarships to needy organizations, particularly disadvantaged youth and produces entrepreneurship curriculum, kidpreneur workbooks and business-help programs. BGF’s Mantra: “Profit to SHARE!”

Why BizGym?

Steve Sue, author/founder of BizGym believes that entrepreneurial skills are essential to the success of the global economy and individuals’ fulfillment. And as a seasoned Design-Thinking professional, Steve is excited to share Lean Startup and Design-Thinking methods for all to profit by. Further, Steve favors collaborative over predatory business practices, thus sees BizGym as a way to impart positive business values on those capable of making the world a better place.

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