Steve Sue, founder of

Photo by Tina Yuen, courtesy Pacific Business News

Yo – Linda Chiem and Pacific Business News thanks for doing the very first story on Baby BizGym! It’s like we were taking our first step and yes, it was a bit wobbly at first, but we lived! Today was a really fun day of watching the the signups come in… a trickle at first, then a more consistent ping of new user notifications. I neglected to mention the article to one of our engineers, so he sent an alert to me thinking something was wrong cause the analytics were spiking… but nah, no worries brah!… this biz is sooo fun!

Heck, today wasn’t anything like that commercial where the kids turn on their website, the hit counter goes nuts and the computer blows up… a bunch of new signups (hey – it’s almost midnight and there goes that counter… entrepreneurs must never sleep), a couple new media folks checking to ask for interviews, a couple new partnering friends coming in by Twitter (shout outs to our new partners, and close to launch  and a bunch of friends offering well-wishes and kudos for becoming “famous”! Haha… Like ya’ll better get in line ’cause I think they’re gonna have to call in crowd control soon.

Anyways, thanks everyone for all the well-wishes and good vibes. We just hope that we’re doing something good for the world by making this site. Please pass on the word about BizGym to potential partners like schools, lenders, funders and government agencies. We have a deal for partners that could land them big bucks. Anyways, we’re here to amp the planet through entrepreneurship and sure could use your help!


Thx, love & aloha for now!

Steve Sue, Founder & CTG