AllBusiness reviews BizGymSometimes complicated descriptions are best left to the pros. This is especially true if you’re an inventor. OMG, I spent months picking my belly button over just how to phrase what the heck BizGym was. Every time I tried a line on others, they’d just stare back blankly ~ and they were friends and relatives!

And I just about drove John, our lead tech, freakin’ nuts with all the copy and layout changes ~ but I bribed him with a full refrigerator of beer, so he stayed thank God ~ and thanks Costco! But even at that, the pros are pros for a reason, so here’s a little piece TJ McCue of wrote to sum up BizGym:

“…the web-based app is super fast. You don’t have to sign up to get started. Just click to load the app and away you go to enter information about your company. You can pick an Elevator Pitch, a mindmapping tool to help you define customers, and more…

While it may look like a business plan creator or a pitch creator, it is a bit different than that. The team calls it an Idea Bank — a place where you can keep depositing your ideas and thoughts as your company idea and the building of that idea takes hold. They have wisely teamed up with educational partners to bring this service to middle and high school students too. Sharp.” proclaims itself as a “Champion of Small Business” and they totally lives up to the tagline. It’ a terrific resource for tips, advice and generally awesome resources for entrepreneurs looking for a leg up (which is all of us!). Check them out and see TJ’s entire post on BizGym at

BTW: If you look at closely, you’ll notice a note that reads, “A D&B Company” which is freakin’ fancy ’cause it stands for “Dunn & Bradstreet,” the credit report folks. Niiiiiice!

MORAL OF STORY: Be all you can B! ~ no pick Belly Button, Buy Beer By Box, Bedazzle Big Biz Bloggers.