Business Pitch Camp, Honolulu


If you’re in our backyard (Honolulu), come see BizGym principles applied live! We’re now embarking on some local programs to field test our tools and help some of our neighbors at the same time.

BizPitch Camp: When you get the call, WILL YOU CHOKE? Not if you take this workshop! At BizPitch Camp, you and your team will learn to pitch like pros. You’ll develop all the pitches necessary to take the mound with confidence and throw your best stuff in all circumstances.

Place & Time

  • November 8, 2014
  • 9am-5pm, includes lunch
  • ProtoHub, 458 Keawe Street, Honolulu Hi 96813


The workshop is a hands-on one-day session:

  • Basic Training: 4 essential motions to any wicked pitch (featuring Steve Sue, founder)
  • 4 Rotations: 1-Hr Rotations for 4 Key Pitches (featuring Rob Bertholf, Kimee Balmilero, Steve Sue)
  • Practice Innings: Take the mound and practice pitching to the cohort!

Benefits & Deliverables:

You’ll develop these 4 key pitches:

  • Fastball (Investor Pitch)
  • Change Up (Sales Pitch)
  • T-Ball (Interview Pitch)
  • Screwball (Advertising Pitch)

Handouts will be provided or you can work the Mission/Vision Statement Template (Free ~ just logon and signup). Free wireless provided.

BizPitch Camp is produced by The BizGym Foundation under grant from HTDC as part of the BizIsland Program Series.

What to Bring?

  • Your A-Team & A-Game
  • Your BIG Ideas
  • Your blanky, chicken or anything else you think will help you get your game on!