StoryTree® Business Modeler

BizGym’s Version of Business Model Canvas

A Visual 1-Page Business Plan

Brainstorm your top-level strategy with StoryTree, our version of Business Model Canvas. StoryTree® Mind-Map is a 1-page business plan template that’s a perfect combination of Lean Startup and traditional business planning in that it’s a checklist to success that empowers pivoting a business at or ahead of market speed. Further, as you develop your business strategy, other BizGym templates auto-complete at the same time. This allows you to immediately test your business concepts in a variety of contexts like sales and marketing. Pivot your way to success with StoryTree.


Sales Canopy

Visualize “the fruits of your labor” through a merchandising analysis that disciplines the identification of Trial Products, Marquee Products and Up-Sell Products. Understanding the relationship of products in these categories is key to creating a sustainable business model.


Trunk Message

Find the passion in your business and make your brand endearing. Includes Company Name, Logo, Slogan, Market Context (Audience & Competitors), and Personality Markers.


Business Rootstock

Clarify the circumstances, key resources and revenue model that supports your business. Includes Mission/Vision, Key Relationships (staff, customers & community), Revenue Model, Entitlements and Key Trends.



Generates letter-sized report via PDF, print and public link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Business Model Canvas?

Business Model Canvas is a leading business visioning tool that maps the key themes to consider when creating a business model. It’s popular in startup communities around the world. Our StoryTree® Mind-Map is similar to Business Model Canvas but extends functionality to integrate with branding, sales and marketing templates.

What's StoryTree® Business Model Canvas used for?

StoryTree is a business visioning checklist that’s used to cultivate all the concepts necessary to a sustainable business model. You can also use your completed StoryTree as a leadership presentation tool and a sales talk-points map.

What if I get stuck or don't know what to write?

Built-in tips, examples and inspirational quotes are included with key fields. Just double-click a field in question and helpful hints will popup to help your thinking.

How is StoryTree collaborative?

StoryTree is part of an interactive template system that allows users to invite others to gain edit or viewing rights as well as share content for comments.

Where is StoryTree data stored?

Your StoryTree content is stored in a private and secure membership account. As a member, you can access your project data via any online computing device.

What reports does this template generate?

StoryTree® Business Model Canvas can be printed in 8 1/2″ x 11″ format, downloaded as a PDF or authorized for online viewing via public link. See download features in the upper right of the template dashboard.

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